Why choose a MfItaly Beginner Kit?

If you recently have open a bakery, pastry or even a pizzeria you should choose the best machinery to improve your work making it fast and efficient. Here it is our Beginner Kit, a complete starter pack which includes our Water cooler mod. WRE, Moulder for rolled bread FR 500, Spiral Dough Mixer series Canada, Square Hydraulic Dough Divider and last but not least the Rotary rack oven.

All these machinery are suitable to your business and they will immediately guarantee the best baked products.



High performance


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    MfItaly innovative technology made in Italy!

    A rich machinery catalog that can be completely customized according to your needs

    Our Beginner Kit machinery

    Water cooler mod. WRE

    Water coolers for bakeries allow you to avoid or severely limit the use of ice, which affects the quality of the finished product.
    Our chiller, equipped with electronic control, allows you to lower the water temperature for the dough. The temperature range varies from + 18 ° C to + 3 ° C approximately. This facilitates the processing of the dough in the subsequent stages, thus ensuring the quality of the final product.

    The water cooler is available in various models, it is also equipped with:

    loading and withdrawal indicator with graduated scale;
    automatic water filling equipment;
    high precision digital reading electronic stirrer and thermostat.
    The tank and the internal coil are in AISI 304 stainless steel, the refrigeration unit is a primary home with an oversized ventilated condenser. This guarantees the maintenance of water at controlled temperatures, high efficiency of the cooling capacity and high yields in relation to lower electricity consumption.

    It can be installed on the wall with brackets, or on the ground with wheels and autoclave pump for the delivery of water.


    Spiral Dough Mixer series Canada

    The Canada series spiral mixer is available in various models and allows you to obtain a softer and more homogeneous dough in a short time. In this way you will have excellent results for the processing of products for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias with machines that knead perfectly.

    By means of the mechanical movement and the two speeds, the right oxygenation and the development of gluten is obtained in the processing of the dough.

    Machine with a structure completely made of thick powder coated steel. The special anti-dust seals around the protective casing of the electrical system complete. The machine is equipped with wheels, for easy movement, and with comfortable feet for fixing to the ground.

    Our Canada series spiral mixers come standard complete with 2 motors, the 1st dedicated to the spiral tool and the 2nd for the rotation of the bowl only. This machine is equipped with two timers that regulate the mixing time between the first and second speed with fully automatic passage from one phase to another. Furthermore, there is the possibility of inverting the direction of rotation of the bowl to mix the dough and further reduce the working time, thus guaranteed high performance and small quantities of dough thanks, in fact, to the 2nd standard motor dedicated to the only movement of the bowl.

    The fixed bowl and the safety guards are made of stainless steel. The spiral tool, on the other hand, is made of special high-strength stainless steel.

    Equipped with all the safety devices required by current regulations.

    Square Hydraulic Dough Divider

     The square hydraulic divider, available in various models and divisions, is a machine suitable for dividing dough from bread, pastry and even pizzeria.

    Here are the main features of our square dividers:

    • Oven-painted thick steel structure.
    • Dough containment tank completely in AISI 304 stainless steel.
    • Fully hydraulic operation with double seal tank between tank and control unit.
    • All knives are bolted rather than welded steel to ensure greater precision and durability.
    • Molds in food-grade FDA material not subject to expansion over time, complete with stainless steel anti-corrosion protection above the mold holder plate.
    • In the automatic version, the divider is equipped with a PLC and a display for adjusting the pressing time.
    • Automatic shutdown at the end of the cycle for greater safety and energy savings. Automatic pressing and cutting.

    In the semi-automatic version, the divider is equipped with a Joystick for pressing and cutting the dough. Manual lid opening.
    Standard equipment is the easily accessible steel crumb tray and the button for the knife cleaning cycle.

    Its hydraulic operation with pressure and dwell time regulation system allows to widen even the hardest pasta to the maximum.

    * In the PR-B version there is the possibility of using it only as a butter press (without dividing).


    Moulders for rolled bread FR 500

    Moulder machine for professional bakery
    The 2 and 4 cylinder bread moulder, indispensable for bakeries and pastry shops, is able to guarantee precise and high quality product processing. It also considerably reduces the processing times of any type of dough.

    The moulder consists of the following parts:

    • Structure in powder coated steel with standard external stainless steel casings. The structure is mounted on solid wheels.
    • Cylinder opening – closing adjustment manually by the special side levers.
    • Electrical system in compliance with CE regulations.
    • A roller conveyor belt, which brings the dough in proximity to two parallel cylindrical rollers that crush it and reduce its thickness.
    • Two rugs that wind in the opposite direction and with different speeds which, thanks to their movement, allow you to roll the dough.
    • A fixed or independent loaf maker that can be combined with the outlet of the moulder. This allows the production of loaves, breadsticks, bussolà and all shapes of pasta that need to be stretched or smoothed smoothly and uniformly.

    The FR 500 – FR 600 bread moulder machines are equipped with a patented automatic anti-rejection device for a soft rolling of the dough. In fact, the machine can also be used for wrapping croissants.

    All of our bread moulding machines can also be supplied with a complete stainless steel structure !


    Rotary rack oven

    The rotary ovens are available in various sizes and versions and are suitable for a diverse range of production in bakeries and pastry labs, including industrial.

    It has been completely updated with the following features:

    • The external protections are in stainless steel.
    • All models are complete with oversized steaming.
    • The controls are available both electromechanical and digital.
    • Equipped with digital temperature display and timer.
    • Equipped with motorized extractor hood.
    • Double glass door.
    • Manual valve for steam discharge.
    • High-performance and totally removable combustion chamber.
    • Removable cooking trolley (not included).

    The Rotor oven is available in both electric and combustion versions, which can be gas or diesel burner.

    In the electric version, the oven is complete with economizer and digital control panel, with computerized system with 99 cooking programs.

    Any additional options:

    • Software 4.0 with remote assistance.
    • Touch screen panel with the possibility of inserting customized recipes.

    Our clients have chosen it because:

    • Dividing precision – No stress dough
    • Intuitive control touch screen
    • Constantly updated software
    • Electronic weight regulation
    • Completely memorizable and customizable recipes
    • Hopper internally teflon-coated (special technologic treatments are available)
    • Oil Free – The machinery doesn’t require oil
    • Avoid internal mold formation
    • Easy to clean
    • Planned maintenance and service
    • Built following the cogent secure protocol
    • Customizable according to your production needs

    What they say about us

    Azienda seria e preparata, che emerge con coerenza e professionalità in una zona dove le ditte di atrezzatura per panifici si sprecano.
    Li abbiamo contattati nel 2018 per la prima volta per acquistare un macchinario, a distanza di un anno e di molte ricerche si sono dimostrati molto più competitivi di marchi più blasonati, offrendo qualità al giusto prezzo.
    Hanno poi rispettato i termini di consegna al 100% e sopratutto soddisfatto completamente le nostre aspettative, tutto questo accompagnato da una cortesia non scontata.
    Molto positivo anche il post vendita con telefonata per controllare che fosse tutto a posto!
    Noi in caso di necessità ci torneremo sicuramente!


    Serious and reliable company. Their volumetric dividers are incredible! Technologically and structurally they are really well done!

    Thanks to Riccardo and all the Mfitaly!

    I look forward to buying from you again!

    Giacomo Cicciù

    Descrivere la professionalità e passione che questa azienda ci mette nel costruire le macchine è davvero difficile,le parole non bastano.
    Sono in continua evoluzione nell’intento di soddisfare in pieno le esigenze del cliente.Assistenza post vendita ottima.

    Massimiliano Colace

    Che dire un’azienda di altri tempi, con qualità, professionalità uniche. Soddisfano le tue esigenze senza compromessi. Le 5 * sono riduttive. Questa azienda è da 10 *. Personalmente utilizzo le loro impastatrici da anni con impasto idratati anche al 100%. Lavorare con le loro attrezzature semplifica e velocizza il lavoro dei VERI professionisti. Una sola parola racchiude il mio pensiero: GRAZIE.

    Alessandro Crivetti

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    امل ان يكون هناك تعاون اكثر في المستقبل القريب
    اشكركم كثيرا على المعاملة الطيبة …..

    masaoud abdulkader



    Mfitaly designs, produces and distributes all over the world innovative equipment and systems for bakeries, pastry and pizzerias and Pasta Factories.

    The actual range is particularly wide, with solutions created over the needs of the craft workshops up to the sized installations for the big-industry.

    Besides the constant development of machinery, that nowadays has become a standard in the field, the designers’ team on the company takes care of custom solutions for the bakery big-industry and the pastry shops.


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