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Complete line for the production of panettone, pandoro and colomba

dynamic line panettoni
dynamic line pandori
dynamic line colombe

Our lines guarantee enormous production flexibility, suitable and customizable according to each type of dough, from the most artisanal to the most industrial. Designed for the dividing and moulding of Panettone and Pandoro, thanks to small adjustments, they can also be used in the production of products that require a more or less loaf moulding such as Colomba, panfrutto and loaf cake.

Automatic dough feeder

Automatic dough feeder

Allows to load automatically and constantly each dough type into several hoppers

Volumetric Divider for Panettone and Pandoro SVP/P2

Allows to portion various doughs of different types of flour with very high percentages of water obtaining precise sizes.
Volumetric Divider

Belt rounder system

Automatic checkweigher

Allows to quickly and safely automate, thanks to the automatic discharge, the weight of any product, wrapped or not

Belt rounder system

Our belt rounding system gives a regular spherical shape to doughs of large leavened products, in this way regular growth will be given during the leavening phase.
Arrotolatore a coppo

Automatic centering system

Centering baking molds system

Panettone centering baking molds system totally automatic.

Automatic unstacker

Provides the most advantageous solution to remove containers, cartons and cups of various shapes and sizes without wasting time or stopping production.
automatic unstacker
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