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Increase productivity and reduce management costs with the Mfitaly automatic bread line!

Do you have a professional activity in the bakery sector and would you like to increase your productivity? The automatic bread line of Mfitaly is the perfect solution to optimize work and management costs!

Designed for an hourly production of 1300-2500 pieces, our automatic bread line allows you to make different types of bread, including loaves, baguette bread, cassette bread and homemade like bread, while decreasing manual hand work requested and optimization of processing times and processes!

But the advantages do not end here: thanks to the commitment of technologies for professional bread-making, our system for the production of bread guarantees you to preserve the quality of your craft products to obtain a good and genuine final product!

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Mfitaly bread line

Designed to offer the ultimate precision and productivity, our automatic bread production line includes:

  • lifter-tipper for the lifting and unloading of the dough from the mixing bowl to the volumetric divider
  • high-performance volumetric divider available for the following basis weight: 100-1600 gr, 250-1250 gr and 300-3300 gr
  • cone rounder for rolling soft dough with medium and large sizes
  • pre leavening cell with 256 or 320 pockets which guarantees an optimal response of the dough before forming
  • molder with four or six cylinders that allows to give the dough the desired shape. The machine is available with pressing plate at or with opposed belts, and can also be extended with automatic unloading on the plate or moldings.


The entire system is obviously customizable based on specific production needs. All our automatic solutions can therefore be adapted according to the needs of each bakery, small or medium.

So what are you waiting for? Increase the productivity of your bakery and take advantage of process management with our machines!

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