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Optimize the production of your leavened bakery products with the Mfitaly automatic panettone line!

The automatic panettone line consists of a series of specific machines for processing leavened bakery products.

This type of system allows to satisfy every production need optimizing the management of all the product processing phases, from the preparation of the mixture to the cellophane packaging.

With over 30 years of experience in the production of confectionery and confectionery plants, Mfitaly is able to design and build complete production plants for the production of customizable panettone based on space and production needs!

In fact, we offer:

  • lines for the production of high panettone (Milan type) and low (with production from 800 to 5000 pieces per hour)
  • systems for making panettoncini (with production from 2000 to 10,000 pieces per hour) also with automatic loading of the product on the mold pan

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Plants for the confectionery industry: custom solutions for small, medium and large productions

Our automatic panettone line (and also for pandoro) meets the needs of both artisan laboratories and large industries.

The machines can in fact be customized according to their space and, of course, to their production needs.

The line consists of the following machines:

  • Guillotine dough dosing machine
  • Volumetric divider SVP-P2R
  • Automatic weight control system
  • “Coppo” rounder
  • Product placer on baking cups

Fully automatic, it has all the requirements to be included in the Industry 4.0 national plan.


It is however possible to further customize the line with other machinery, including:

  • low-consumption controlled leavening systems
  • cooling systems (panettone maturation) with temperature, humidity and air filtering management
  • loading / unloading systems, rapid and automatic, of tunnel ovens
  • rotor ovens of various sizes, for cooking panettone and panettone (up to 10 kg) with recipes with a work cycle at various temperatures, times of evacuation of humidity
  • automatic, semiautomatic and single filling systems
  • automatic glazing systems with almond, sugar and other dosage

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