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For a workman like manner bakery production, choose the Italian quality of Mfitaly: choose our professional bakery machines

In order to obtain a good product from the oven, other than, obviously, the excellent quality of the ingredients, it is essential to use adequate high-quality bakery machines.

From the dough, to the leavening, until the baking phase, every step requires to be executed with specific procedures and parameters, and therefore the choice to perform those with suitable professional machines.

If you run a bakery and want to offer your customers a quality product you should therefore carefully evaluate the choice of machinery to use, taking into consideration the type of product you want to offer and your specific production needs.


Mfitaly plants and tools: choosing quality for your bakery

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of tools and machines for ad hoc bakeries, Mfitaly is capable to provide innovative and qualitative bakery plants, providing customisable solutions specific to the narrow needs.

Our plants in fact are tailor-designed to fit to the space of your bakery, ensuring you the best quality, productivity and efficiency in every phase of the production process.

With our products you will be able to produce your oven products in impeccable manner during all the production steps, optimizing time and resources thanks to the smart use of technological and advanced solutions!

From the beginning where the dough is prepares and divided, from the moulding to the pre fermentation, from the leavening to the baking, our machines support you in all the phases of your work!

Would you like to offer gluten free oven products to whom have specific dietary needs?

No problem! We can provide tools suitable for gluten-free flour processing.

A complete service from A to Z. Technical assistance and Customer Care

Mfitaly will be always next to you also during the post-sale by offering the maximum level of assistance and the technical support when needed!

Spare parts and machines are always available and ready to be shipped in our warehouse, to allow and to satisfy always and uninterruptedly our customers, avoiding unpleasant situations generated from stop productions.

So why are you waiting? Ask immediately more information related to our machines for bakeries!

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