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Working soft and delicate doughs with the high-quality Mfitaly double arm mixer

The Mfitaly double arm mixer is the ideal solution to handle soft and delicate doughs which requires particular attention.

The production of sweet products and some kind of bread example the French bread, sliced bread and grissini – requires in fact an excellent oxygenation of the dough and to be warmed the least possible.

With the system of plunging arm, it is possible to oxygenate and mix all the soft doughs delicately and without producing heat!

The functioning of this kind of mixer reproduce in fact the movement of the arms and human hands, and is therefore perfect for the mixing process of leavenings doughs, as it produces a homogeneous and uniform product, with the right amount of oxygen and ready for a perfect leavening phase.

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Mfitaly double arm mixer

With our Double arm mixer, you can mix all the soft and delicate doughs and achieve an optimal oxygenation, without adding extra heat to the dough!

Available in different models and with different capacities, our mixers is the ideal choice not only for the pastries, bakeries and pizzerias used for the production of oven products, but also for the dairy industry as it can be used in the production of mozzarella.


Technical characteristics

Made entirely with stainless steel, the machine allows to perform 62 cycles per minute in second speed, representing therefore the ideal solution to mix bread and pastries doughs which can be soft and obtained with more addition.

With a 2 speeds motor timed, pulley trapezoidal belt transmission which guarantee a solid and silent mechanism, the Mfitaly Double arm mixer is built following the best standard and robust and reliability.

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