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Get a precise and accurate bread dough division with the Mfitaly’s volumetric dough divider

The Mfitaly volumetric dough divider is an indispensable machine for all bakeries that want to optimize production times and processes, guaranteeing precise and accurate dough processing.

The dividing of the doughs is in fact an extremely delicate process which consists in dividing the dough into portions of the desired weight.

This phase of bread making must be carried out very carefully and, preferably, with the help of a professional machine. This is to guarantee more precise and quality workings and to avoid ruining the glutinous structure previously formed.

Once the dough has been broken, it then proceeds to give it the desired shape, which can be, for example, that of a loaf of bread, a baguette, a toast bread loaf.

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The volumetric dough divider by Mfitaly

Our volumetric dough divider is the ideal solution for bakeries and bread production businesses.

Available in various models for weights 100-1600, 250-1250 and 300-3300 grams, our machine allows you to optimize the dividing process by portioning different types of dough (white flour, rye and mixtures) with maximum precision and accuracy.

With a robust steel structure and completely hydraulic operation, it does not require internal lubrication, thus allowing a considerable reduction in oil consumption.


Italian quality and reliability – 100% Made in Italy solutions

To divide your products, choose Mfitaly’s technology and innovation!

All our bread-making facilities are made with Italian quality materials and latest-generation technologies, so you can optimize your work while maintaining high process accuracy at all stages of processing!

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