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Get a perfect dough with Mfitaly spiral mixer

To obtain a fragrant, genuine and digestible product, you cannot just count on a good dough. Mfitaly spiral mixer allows to quickly produce perfect dough for bread, pizza and pastry products, and to obtain a light and well-leavened product!

In making leavened oven products, it is essential to pay close attention during the preparation of the dough, since at this time start numerous physical-mechanical processes which give life to the so-called gluten net.

Glutinous net, or gluten, is formed at the moment when the flour proteins (in particular gliadin and glutenin) meet and mix with water.

A good dough should be able to form a resistant and extensible gluten net, while maintaining good oxygenation.

How to get a good dough?

Relying on professional and quality mixers, such as those guaranteed by Mfitaly!

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Different types for every need

spiral mixerMfitaly spiral mixer, available in various models, allows to quickly obtain soft and homogeneous doughs, with excellent oxygenation and refinement.


Working both with medium-hard doughs and with soft ones, our machines are designed to guarantee safe and quality dough processes, allowing to offer to customers a good and light product!




spiral mixerAll our models

  • Automatic overturnable spiral mixer – with AISI 304 stainless steel bowl, double inversion of the bowl and 2 timers
  • Spiral mixer with double spiral New Generation – with innovative technology for a considerable reduction of mixing time, complete with computer touch screen control. Available in 250 kg, 350 kg and 500 kg.
  • Removable bowl spiral mixer – available in different models, equipped with 2 timers, and upon request, with double speed for the bowl. Extremely silent.
  • Spiral mixer Canada – available in different models, equipped with 2 timers and double inversion of the bowl to mix the dough faster

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