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Obtain perfect and homogeneous dough with Mfitaly planetary mixers

Planetary mixers are indispensable machines in pastry laboratories and confectionery industries as they allow to speed up the preparation process of the dough allowing you to create large quantities with maximum precision and quality.

In order to obtain a good baked product, a good dough cannot be ignored, which, to be such, must necessarily be homogeneous and well mixed.

With planetary mixers it is possible to mix the whole compound evenly, even those that tend to stick to the surfaces. Such as?

Thanks to the particular rotary movement of the mechanical arm of which they are composed, which turns on itself and around the center of the bowl performing a double movement of rotation, just like our planet. From here, the planetary name.

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Mfitaly planetary mixers

The important experience and the precious know-how accumulated in over 30 years of activity in the design and production of innovative equipment and systems for the confectionery and bakery industry allows us to offer technologically advanced planetary mixers able to satisfy the needs of both small craft activities and large industries.

Available in various models and capacities, our planetary mixers allow you to mix and blend your dough perfectly and quickly, saving and optimizing time.


Technical features

Depending on the type, our mixers can be equipped with a mechanical, electronic or variable speed controller.

They have a timer for the automatic work cycle, they can be equipped with an automatic, fast or manual tank carrier and, in some models, they allow you to program and memorize the recipes on the PLC.

On request it is possible to implement them with an additional trolley, to allow easy movement of the tank. For some types it is also possible to have the automatic lifting and lowering function of the trolley with the bowl mounted.

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