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Get a perfectly uniform cooking with the professional rotor ovens from Mfitaly

The rotor ovens are the optimal choice for bakeries and pastry shops that need to cook various types of products quickly, at the same time maintaining a perfect homogeneity of cooking.

Consisting of large chambers capable of holding many trays, rotor ovens, also known as rotary ovens, allow products to be cooked through electric or gas heat resistors combined with an air ventilation system which results in a uniformly cooked product.

Moreover, thanks to the constant production of large quantities of steam inside the cooking chamber, this type of oven allows to prevent the drying of the products, thus preserving the hydration of the dough.

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Mfitaly ovens – Cutting-edge technologies for baking and confectionery professionals

Available in various models and sizes and with electric, gas or diesel fuel supply, our ovens are designed to meet the various production needs of bakeries and pastry shops.

Fast and flexible in productivity, they consist of an innovative heat exchanger which, by exploiting combustion, reduces energy consumption and thus reduces production costs.

All our rotary ovens guarantee perfect cooking uniformity while preventing the drying of your products thanks to the particular new-concept vaporizer they are equipped with, which allows us to produce various liters of moisture, distributing them on the products placed above the rotating trolley.

On request it is possible to customize these ovens with a digital control panel, a computerized system with 99 cooking programs, automatic trolley lifting and an external stainless-steel cover.


Mini Rotor oven for small and medium pastry shops

If you work in a small or medium confectionery and you don’t need to dispose of high productions, then the Mini model could be for you!

With non-removable swivel trolley, it can be supplied – on request – with a base support or with a heated and humidified leavening cell.

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