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Mfitaly volumetric divider – Made in Italy quality and innovation

For the splitting of your doughs, even leavened, choose a volumetric divider that can offer the sizes you want without altering the organoleptic properties of your compounds: choose the Italian quality of Mfitaly!

Made with state-of-the-art innovative technologies and high-quality materials rigorously Made in Italy, our volumetric divider guarantees efficiency, safety and high performance!

In fact, with our technology you’ll be able to obtain precise and rapid sizing, optimizing working times while preserving the quality and characteristics of the dough.

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Mfitaly volumetric divider for bakeries, pastry shops and confectionery industries

Available in various models, our dough dividing machine is the ideal solution for all activities involved in the production of panels and baked products, including leavened products.

In fact, it allows you to portion all the various types of dough (soft, leavened, rich in fat) in a simple and rapid manner, varying according to the need for production speed.

The machine has an oven-painted tubular steel structure. It has also a completely hydraulic closed-circuit operation with a heat exchanger that works by regulating the pressure according to the type of mixture used.

The SPV/P4 model, suitable for those with high production needs, offers to produce 2500-5000 pieces per hour.

It can be controlled through a touch screen and allows you to save recipes which will then self-adjust the components so weight and speed desired are abtained.


Mfitaly food machinery – The safety of Italian technologies and materials

In the food products, it’s essential to choose certified technologies and plants.

Not investing in the safety and quality of the materials and technologies used can have negative repercussions on the manufacturing processes and on the final quality of the product.

Mfitaly has always believed in the importance of quality. This is why all our food machines are present with Italian materials and latest generation innovative technologies, to guarantee high levels of safety and efficiency in all phases of the processing of your products.

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