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Divider for quality Christmas deserts using the Mfitaly volumetric divider for panettone SVP P2

Producing a good panettone is an art which must take into consideration several variables.
The use of the technologically advanced plant, like the innovative volumetric divider for panettone SVP P2 it is surely one of the elements which will impact consistently in the good quality and execution of the product.

By using professional machines allows in fact, to handle and to mix all the needed ingredients the correct way, which, obviously, needs also to be qualitative high.

In the case of panettone, the use of a good mother yeast is a must if you want to obtain an excellent and easy to digest product.From the mother yeast depends, in fact, the organoleptic final quality, the softness of the dough and therefore the digestibility.

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Production of excellent and qualitative panettone with Mfitaly machines and plants

volumetric divider for panettone

The preparation of pannettone, typical sweet of the Christmas traditional Italian gastronomy, is a long and complex process which requires the observance of specific steps and procedures.

Fundamental, in all the production process, is to support the process with machines capable of guarantee precise and accurate execution phases.

The Mfitaly machines for the bakery, pastry, and the sweets industry, allows to execute your oven products in an impeccable manner by optimizing the time and the processes in all the production phases, the volumetric dividing phase too!





The volumetric divider for panettone SVP/P3 for bakeries, pastry and sweets industry

For the portioning of your sweet products choose the innovative technology Mfitaly Made in Italy!

Our volumetric divider for panetone and pandoro SVP/P2 allows to portion the white flour dough, rye and mixtures with water percentage comprehended between the 50% and the 70% over the flour weight, obtaining precise and accurate portions.


Fully working on a hydraulic closed circuit and heat exchanger, the machine allows to adjust the pressing phase based on the type of dough used, ensuring a maximum speed of 25-27 cycle per minute, which corresponds to 3000-3240 pieces per hour.

The maximum speed can be adjusted with a break timer, which regulate both the pressing and the suction phase.

It is also possible to customize the machine with weight adjuster and electronica pieces counter.


For the execution of your oven products, choose high quality machines and technologies!

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