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Divider for bakery doughs, precise and accurate with Mfitaly volumetric dividers

The volumetric dividers are indispensable for any business which handle oven products.

Either you have a bakery, or a pastry or a sweets industry, you know well that, once the dough is ready and went through the leavening phase, it is then necessary to divide it into portions of the desired shape and weigh.

This operation can be performed by hand or automatic professional volumetric divider, which guarantee more accurate operations and quality by optimizing the working time.

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The Mfitaly machines for the dough portioning and moulding

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of tools and machines for bakeries, pastries and pizzeria, Mfitaly is capable to provide versatile and high-performance volumetric dividers.

We offer in fact a wide range of devices which allows us to cover different customer production needs.

Our machines can satisfy small laboratories, but also can the heavy production in the bakery and sweet industry, for which we deliver and design ad hoc solutions.


The new volumetric divider SVP/P2

volumetric dividersThe volumetric divider SVP/P2 is one of the most innovative solution for the portioning of bread dough and pastries.

With a tubular steel structure, oven painted and working completely on a hydraulic closed circuit equipped with a heat exchanger, this innovative divider is the ideal solution for the bakery, pastry and sweet industry, related to the production of bread, pandoro and panettone!

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Safety, reliability and easy to use

By choosing Mfitaly you choose safe, efficient and performing machines!

All our solutions are designed and produced with high-quality materials which allows to save time and to obtain a genuine and good product. Moreover, they are easy to use and clean!

So why are you waiting?

Contact us immediately for more information about our volumetric dividers!


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