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Automatic " smart " frosting line for Panettone - Cake - Colomba

The new "SMART" glazing line for confectionery products - Ideal for artisanal or industrial use.
The new line is composed of the new automatic glazing machine GLT - 2T with 2 heads that can be completely dismantled and dismantled, for correct cleaning and for use in different types of products, such as Panettoni - Colombe and even panettoncini. The heads are created by hand following the design of the baking cup or product you request. Available both with and without nozzles, this choice is dictated above all by the type of icing that will be dosed.
The entire frame is completely made of stainless steel, mounted on wheels and equipped with adjustable feet to secure the machine during work. The belt is equipped with a motorized roller conveyor, this to guarantee a constant production speed.
Our icing line is equipped with product centering - half automatic hoe cups, the piston excursion is variable, as are the hoes. The relevant stop hoes must be mounted on each product - baking cup. The system is controlled by pneumatics, as is the raising and lowering of the icing machine head.
An automatic dosing system for almonds and sugar or other products with the same density - consistency is also provided. The system is completely automatic, product centering using hoes, and dosing using automatic vibrators with belts for recovering excess products. The hopper loading method can be automatic using loading belts, or manual using operators. (to be chosen based on the type of line - automation you want to apply).
All the following lines are customizable by size - production capacity and products.
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