Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pastry
Tasks: Dividers

Dough feeder

To load any type of pasta automatically and constantly here the brand-new Automatic dough feeder machine "mandapasta".

This machine is designed to load every type of dough, even high hydrated, in an automatic and constant way.

In this way, any type of manual input by the operator is avoided, thus allowing a better of space and of the entire work process rationalization.

The main features are:
  • Structure completely in stainless steel equipped with solid feet;
  • Hopper internally teflon-coated and externally micro-sanded. The hopper can be customized according to the needs (sizes and capacity);
  • Fully adjustable product alignment device;
  • The cutting system is composed of "star" stainless steel cylinders. The cylinders can be completely teflon coated (suitable for high hydrated dough) on request (optional);
  • Cutting control photocell and constant feeding on the belt equipped with a photo sensor which reads the presence of products;
  • Independent control cabinet. Equipped with 4.0 software and touch screen for storing and adjusting speeds;
  • The loading belts for any automatic feeding such as bread units, dough divider rounder or volumetric dough divider are adjustable and customizable.

This system offers a regular and continuous feed of dough, dosed according to production needs and automatically controlled by special photocells.
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