Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pizza
Tasks: Proofing

Intermediate proofer

Our intermediate proofer can be customized according to the production needs.

Here are the main features:
  • Powder coated steel structure;
  • Available with 256 or 320 pockets;
  • The weight range can vary (see table below);
  • The production speed is adjustable from the appropriate touch screen (*optional) or comfortably from the independent electrical system with electromechanical controls;
  • The internal racks are completely in stainless steel and run on an oversized chain;
  • It is possible to choose from the classic pocket in food grade material to the newly produced non-stick cloth for high hydrated doughs that need a longer rest;
  • The product discharge takes place with the rack rotation (by means of pistons air operated);
  • The product output belt is fully motorized and can be customized to be combined with a moulder or other machines;
  • Timer for manual work cycle adjustment;
  • Germicidal lamp and fan for humidity extraction.
Additional options:
  • 4.0 unit with new generation software, for storing and customizing speeds, recipes and internal temperatures. The remote assistance is integrated into the unit;
  • External casings completely of stainless steel if you buy the version with stainless steel structure;
  • Increased internal ventilation with steam producing group.

Structure customized in size and motorized belt for product entry.
Name Dimensión
Catalog 2022-2023 3.41 MB
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