Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Moulders

Pastry dough sheeter ASF

The new sheeter, available in various models, is an ideal machine for sheeting almost all types of dough to obtain different thicknesses, even very thin.

Powder coated steel structure equipped with solid pivoting wheels. The casings and the safety guards are made of stainless steel.

The rolling cylinders are made of steel treated with hard chrome, rectified and polished; scrapers, both upper and lower, can be easily removed to allow proper cleaning. The traction and the belts speed change automatically with the reversal of rotation, thereby allowing a lamination without tears and wrinkles, even with thin layers. The belts can be raised to reduce the size of the machine at rest.
The sheeters can be equipped with the standard joystick or with dual controls (joystick and pedals). At the ends of the belts the machine is equipped with slides of stainless steel for the collection of the dough, subplanes for the flour collection and collecting tray.

It is also available with production speed control inverter and accessories for cutting croissant or combinations with cutting boards.
ModelCylinders diameter (mm)Cylinders opening (mm)Belts size (mm)Dimensions opened (L/P/H mm)Dimensions closed (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (kW)
ASF 500700,1 / 50500 x 9002600 x 740 x 1200600 x 740 x 17601901
ASF 600700,1 / 50600 x 12003100 x 840 x 1200600 x 840 x 20102301
ModelASF 500
Cylinders diameter (mm)70
Cylinders opening (mm)0,1 / 50
Belts size (mm)500 x 900
Dimensions opened (L/P/H mm)2600 x 740 x 1200
Dimensions closed (L/P/H mm)600 x 740 x 1760
Weight (Kg)190
Power (kW)1
ModelASF 600
Cylinders diameter (mm)70
Cylinders opening (mm)0,1 / 50
Belts size (mm)600 x 1200
Dimensions opened (L/P/H mm)3100 x 840 x 1200
Dimensions closed (L/P/H mm)600 x 840 x 2010
Weight (Kg)230
Power (kW)1
Name Dimensión
Data sheet 508.48 KB
Catalog 2022-2023 3.41 MB
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