Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Baking

Rotary rack oven

The rotary ovens are available in various sizes and versions and are suitable for a diverse range of production in bakeries and pastry labs, including industrial.

Some of the innovations that characterize this new oven:
  • The external panels are made of stainless steel;
  • All models are complete with an oversized steamer;
  • The controls are available both electromechanical and digital;
  • Equipped with digital temperature display and timer;
  • Equipped with motorized extractor hood;
  • Door with double glass;
  • Manual valve for steam discharge;
  • High-performance and totally removable combustion chamber;
  • Removable cooking trolley (not included).
The rotor oven is available in both electric and combustion versions, which can be gas or diesel burner.
In the electric version, the oven is complete with economizer and digital control panel, with computerized system with 99 cooking programs.

Additional options:
  • Software 4.0 with remote assistance;
  • Touch screen panel with the possibility of inserting customized recipes.
ModelTrolley dimension cmTrolley capacityBaking surface m²Dimensions L/P/H mmWeight KgPower kW/kcal
BP 60x4060 x 4015 - 183.6960 x 1500 x 200065021 - 29.000
BP 60x8060 x 80188.61330 x 2000 x 2300110042 - 65.000
BP 80x8080 x 801811.51470 x 2300 x 2300115049 - 75.000
BP 80x10080 x 1001814.51530 x 2380 x 2300140058 - 80.000
BP 80x12080 x 1201817.31780 x 2580 x 2300180071 - 120.000
ModelBP 60x40
Trolley dimension cm60 x 40
Trolley capacity15 - 18
Baking surface m²3.6
Dimensions L/P/H mm960 x 1500 x 2000
Weight Kg650
Power kW/kcal21 - 29.000
ModelBP 60x80
Trolley dimension cm60 x 80
Trolley capacity18
Baking surface m²8.6
Dimensions L/P/H mm1330 x 2000 x 2300
Weight Kg1100
Power kW/kcal42 - 65.000
ModelBP 80x80
Trolley dimension cm80 x 80
Trolley capacity18
Baking surface m²11.5
Dimensions L/P/H mm1470 x 2300 x 2300
Weight Kg1150
Power kW/kcal49 - 75.000
ModelBP 80x100
Trolley dimension cm80 x 100
Trolley capacity18
Baking surface m²14.5
Dimensions L/P/H mm1530 x 2380 x 2300
Weight Kg1400
Power kW/kcal58 - 80.000
ModelBP 80x120
Trolley dimension cm80 x 120
Trolley capacity18
Baking surface m²17.3
Dimensions L/P/H mm1780 x 2580 x 2300
Weight Kg1800
Power kW/kcal71 - 120.000
Name Dimensión
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