Sector: Commercial
Category: Bakery, Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Baking

Steam pipe oven

Stacked decks steam pipe ovens are available in various sizes and models and are suitable for baking all kinds of breads and baked goods.

The heat transmission is ensured by assembly of pre-tested, closed- circuit Manesmann pipes that make up the ceiling and bed plates of each deck.

The steam pipe oven ensures uniform results and offers a high heat retention efficiency, especially for very substantial products. Every deck is equipped with tempered glass doors. Steam generators placed internally in the baking chambers ensure a high humidity environment. Baking plates are built with refractory cement sole with metallic net frame. Stainless steel front panel. Steam pipe ovens can be supplied with or without (mechanic version) partial refractory cladding.
* On request (optional), ovens with refractory cladding can be supplied with wood combustion.
ModelChamber dimension (cm)No. ChambersNo. DoorsBaking surface (m²)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (Kcal)
TUB 2C248 x 3182415.853160 x 4630 x 230012000110000
TUB 3C186 x 2633314.752540 x 4080 x 230011100105000
TUB 4C186 x 24143183860 x 2540 x 230012000120000
ModelTUB 2C
Chamber dimension (cm)248 x 318
No. Chambers2
No. Doors4
Baking surface (m²)15.85
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)3160 x 4630 x 2300
Weight (Kg)12000
Power (Kcal)110000
ModelTUB 3C
Chamber dimension (cm)186 x 263
No. Chambers3
No. Doors3
Baking surface (m²)14.75
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)2540 x 4080 x 2300
Weight (Kg)11100
Power (Kcal)105000
ModelTUB 4C
Chamber dimension (cm)186 x 241
No. Chambers4
No. Doors3
Baking surface (m²)18
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)3860 x 2540 x 2300
Weight (Kg)12000
Power (Kcal)120000
Name Dimensión
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