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Automatic Frosting System

Automatic Filling or Frosting system for panettone and colombe with relative dosage of granulated sugar.

The main features of the line:

  • Structure completely in stainless steel mounted on wheels and adjustable ground fixing feet.
  • Automatic punching system by means of special turned needles.
  • The frosting phase is equipped with a special pneumatic pump. This special pneumatic pump allows the customization of the dosed – frosting according to your needs. Thanks to its flexibility, the line allows it to be used for both panettone and colombe simply by replacing the food-grade FDA mask for the icing. The drawers – stainless steel trays for the eventual recovery of excess product complete the drawers.
  • Frosting system divided into two phases that can be customized according to your productions, the first phase involves the dosage of the almonds and the second phase involves the dosage of sugar grains. Here too there are convenient stainless steel drawers for collecting excess product, this to avoid product waste and reduce the cleaning time of the machine itself.
  • The line is complete with a touch screen panel to increase production speeds and for the insertion of any recipes.

The line is completely customizable according to your needs and can be combined with our automatic line for panettone or colomba.

* The Line is part of Industry 4.0

Automatic Frosting System

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