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Bread slicer

Our bread slicers are suitable both for artisanal use in small workshops (thanks to its compactness) and for intensive use for large productions.
Highly reliable machine without the need for maintenance, thanks to the bearings mounted on the oscillating movement of the knives which prevent wear and noise.
The frontally placed controls allow to adjust the cutting force and speed, adapting them to each type of product.
The safety lid, supplied on all versions, allows the cutting phase in total safety and is automatically opened at the end of the cycle. An innovative system allows to control the bread thrust towards the blades thus avoiding crushing or damage during the cutting phase.

The machine is available in the following versions:

  • Automatic with loading belt (industrial series);
  • Automatic with pusher;
  • Semi automatic with side handler.

All the machines are equipped with a  stainless steel crumb tray.

Bread slicer