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Croissant Group.

Stainless steel GC croissant group.

Two side discs trim the pasta and the scraps fall into the appropriate container. The dough is laminated by the calibrating cylinders to obtain a homogeneous product in weight and to attach the pastels allowing to work continuously. Cut in two stages, the triangles are spaced and automatically conveyed to the wrapping machine which rolls up the product as if it were made by hand

Complete group of optional “cutting station” which prevents the dough from sticking to the mold.

on file from gr. 110 to gr. 120 840 pcs / h
on file from gr. 90 to gr. 100 1260 pcs / h
on file from gr. 70 to gr. 90 1680 pcs / h
on file from gr. 40 to gr. 60 2000 pcs / h
on file from gr.25 to gr.50 2500 pcs / h

Croissant Group.