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Dough centering device on baking molds for Panettone

Panettone centering baking molds system totally automatic .

This system has the following features:

  • Stainless steel structure equipped with wheels and solid feet;
  • Panettone centering system on a paper cup by means of specific cylinders with special non-stick treatment. The cylinders opening is adjustable by means of a handwheel;
  • Automatic step and paper cup stopper by means of a specific cylinder, air operated, the step is synchronised by the pcs/h production and is adjustable;
  • Electrical system according to CE regulations;
  • Standard equipment is the panel with electromechanical controls for any speed changes. Possible touch screen for speed adjustment and possibility to store recipes (optional).


Placed at the exit of the tile reel, it helps to automatically deposit and center the panettone inside the paper cup.

Dough centering device on baking molds for Panettone

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