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Final Proofers

Automatic proofer cells, available in various models and sizes. Internal and external finishes in white painted micro-ribbed galvanized sheet.

“Soft” type air flow systems with slow movement of air controlled by AHU (Air Treatment Unit) with intake and electric actuator valves. Air speed adjustable via touch screen panel.

Automatic cell management through a special touch screen panel with automatic and customizable humidity, heat and steam adjustments.

Our proofer rooms are equipped with various options including:

  • Sliding doors, as in the photo.
  • Internal bumpers in stainless steel.
  • Internal partition walls in pvc.
  • Chiller for cold water production.
  • Internal lighting system customizable.
  • Underfloor heating system with direct control.
  • System and electrical connection available in 4.0 with remote control via internet connection and the possibility of receiving all cell data.
Final Proofers