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Retarder proofer

The retarder proofer, available in varius models, are especially designed to plan the working cycle in pastry, bakery and pizzeria laboratories by managing storage, rising and maintenance steps.

This system offers several advantages in that it reduces the need for overnight work and it can be programmed to accommodate varying production demands though the workday.

The four controls are managed by a micro-processor and allow to set the system with 10 different work schedules. The modular pre-fabricated panels are equipped with self-locking fasteners fitted in the polyurethane for a quick assembly. The cell is insulated with a 8 cm layer of polyurethane rigid foam. Exterior cladding is made of white varnished galvanized sheet metal, while the interior frame is made of AISI 304 stainless steel insulated reinforced floor in smooth stainless steel, insulated door, AISI 304 stainless steel internal side-protections and stainless steel external ramp. Steam generator for automatic steam production in stainless steel.

The retarder proof is complete of ventilated refrigeration designed for balanced and uniform temperature distribution, automatic defrosting and internal light.

Retarder proofer