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Spiral Dough Mixer series EasyMix

The EasyMix series spiral mixer shares the same structure and mechanics as the proven Canada series mixer.

Some of the innovations that characterize this new mixer :

  • Possibility of inserting up to 10 customizable recipes.
  • Spiral speed adjustable from 100 to 290 rpm.
  • Bowl with double direction of rotation.
  • Automatic pause system (for resting the dough or adding additional ingredients) from one phase to another, all programmable according to your needs and types of dough.
  • Adjustable timer to your liking with the possibility of total exclusion in manual mode.
  • The new Easymix differs for the new Touch Screen system complete with the E-Recipt option (for automatic saving of recipes) and the new and silent inverter system for speed adjustment.

Purpose of use: It is a mixer created to make medium – high hydration dough such as pizza, Roman pinsa dough, bread like ciabatta and focaccia (but not only).

Also available the DigitalMix version (with digital controls) and speed adjustable by manual potentiometer.

Spiral Dough Mixer series EasyMix

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