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Volumetric Divider for Panettone SVP/P2

Making a good panettone is an art that must take into account numerous factors.
The use of technologically advanced systems and machinery, such as the innovative volumetric divider for panettone SVP / P2 by Mfitaly, is certainly one of the elements that affect the success of this product.

Our volumetric divider for panettone and pandoro SVP / P2 allows to portion various doughs of different types of flour with very high percentages of water obtaining precise sizes.

With an hydraulic closed circuit system and heat exchanger, the machine allows to adjust the pressing depending on the type of dough used, ensuring a medium or high production according to the needs. Our Volumetric SVP divider is OIL-FREE which means that it work without a mechanical lubrification.

The new E-Recipt 4.0 package includes a new storage and personalization software.

This option allows the operator to change or customize, based on the type of dough and the speeds, the initial pressing (to stress at the least possible the dough), the speed of the pieces rejection, the speed of the belts with relative thin oil layer deposition, the type of recipe selected and the weight range. The peculiarity of our SVP is that, based on the type of the divided product and the selected weight, the machine creates an average to set the weight with an error range of +– 3 gr, all automatically by combining weight control with automatic rejection, which allows the operator a constant, greater and precise production.

The machine can be connected to the company server for production reports via Ethernet connection.
Included in the E-Recipt package, after connecting the machine to an Ethernet port, there will be enabled remote assistance with our technical department.

Our SVP volumetric divider is equipped with self-diagnosis to allow and predict demages–components wear and program the assistance of our technicians in time.

Weight Table

Range Grammature
Weights Range

Grammature singole
Single weight range

Grammature doppie
Double weight range

SVP 70

150 - 1400

150 - 640

SVP 90

200 - 1700

150 - 950

SVP 120

400 - 2500

250 - 1250

Volumetric Divider for Panettone SVP/P2

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Technical details


L/P/H mm.


Produzione max
Max Production







* The data relating to weights and measures are purely indicative.