Volumetric dividers are ideal machines in any activity that involves the production of baked goods





Why choose an MFITALY volumetric divider?

Whether you have a bakery, a pastry shop or a confectionery industry you will know well that, once the dough has been prepared and subjected to the spot-welding process, it is necessary to proceed dividing it into various pieces of the desired weight and shape.
This operation can be performed by hand or through professional dividing machines. The latter guarantee extremely more precise and quality processing.

Our volumetric dividers ensure:



High performance

Per la spezzatura dei tuoi prodotti scegli
l’innovativa tecnologia Made in Italy di Mfitaly!

Un ricco catalogo macchinari completamente personalizzabile secondo le tue esigenze

Are you looking for an innovative solution?
The SVP / P2 Dough divider is the right one for you

Volumetric divider SPV / P2

The innovative and highly technological divider

Making a good panettone is an art that must take into account numerous factors.
The use of technologically advanced systems and machinery, such as the innovative volumetric divider SVP / P2 , is certainly one of the elements that affect the success of this product.

Our volumetric divider for panettone and pandoro SVP / P2 allows you to portion various doughs of different types of flour with very high percentages of water obtaining precise sizes.

With fully hydraulic closed circuit operation and heat exchanger, the machine allows you to adjust the pressing at will according to the type of dough used, ensuring a maximum production speed of 25-27 strokes per minute, which corresponds to 3000-3240 pieces per hour .

The speed, the pressing and the various weights can be adjusted through the comfortable and intuitive touch screen panel where you can customize each step and recipe to your liking.


Our customers chose it because:

  • No stress dough
  • Intuitive control touch screen
  • Updated Software
  • Electronic weight adjustment
  • Possibility to store the recipes
  • Internally Teflon-coated hopper (special technological treatments available)
  • Oil Free
  • It avoids the formation of internal molds
  • Easy Clean
  • Scheduled Service
  • Made according to the most stringent safety regulations
  • Customizable according to your production needs

Are you looking for a simpler solution?
Try the SVP N – M Dough divider

Volumetric divider SPV N – M

The simple divider designed for bakeries

The volumetric divider n-m is designed for dividing the desired weight of the dough into portions, keeping the organoleptic properties unaltered, managing to preserve and guarantee the quality of the product.

Equipped with a sturdy welded and painted tubular steel structure and with external stainless steel guards, its operation is completely closed circuit hydraulic, a circuit designed to cope with the most demanding working conditions.

The dough is loaded into the hopper equipped with all the most innovative safety systems to guarantee worker safety.

Weight adjustable via touch screen or handwheel (manual version) located on the front of the machine.

The discharge conveyor is adjustable in height and on this it is possible to place the flour duster group.

Optimize processing times and optimally break your products with the SVP N – M Volumetric Divider

What they say about us

Serious and reliable company. Their volumetric dividers are incredible! Technologically and structurally they are really well done!

Thanks to Riccardo and all the Mfitaly!

I look forward to buying from you again!

Giacomo Cicciù

Descrivere la professionalità e passione che questa azienda ci mette nel costruire le macchine è davvero difficile,le parole non bastano.
Sono in continua evoluzione nell’intento di soddisfare in pieno le esigenze del cliente.Assistenza post vendita ottima.

Massimiliano Colace

Azienda seria e preparata, che emerge con coerenza e professionalità in una zona dove le ditte di atrezzatura per panifici si sprecano.
Li abbiamo contattati nel 2018 per la prima volta per acquistare un macchinario, a distanza di un anno e di molte ricerche si sono dimostrati molto più competitivi di marchi più blasonati, offrendo qualità al giusto prezzo.
Hanno poi rispettato i termini di consegna al 100% e sopratutto soddisfatto completamente le nostre aspettative, tutto questo accompagnato da una cortesia non scontata.
Molto positivo anche il post vendita con telefonata per controllare che fosse tutto a posto!
Noi in caso di necessità ci torneremo sicuramente!


Che dire un’azienda di altri tempi, con qualità, professionalità uniche. Soddisfano le tue esigenze senza compromessi. Le 5 * sono riduttive. Questa azienda è da 10 *. Personalmente utilizzo le loro impastatrici da anni con impasto idratati anche al 100%. Lavorare con le loro attrezzature semplifica e velocizza il lavoro dei VERI professionisti. Una sola parola racchiude il mio pensiero: GRAZIE.

Alessandro Crivetti

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masaoud abdulkader

surrounded by wheat

Mfitaly designs, produces and distributes all over the world innovative equipment and systems for bakeries, pastry and pizzerias and Pasta Factories.

The actual range is particularly wide, with solutions created over the needs of the craft workshops up to the sized installations for the big-industry.

In addition to the continuous development of the machinery that has now become standard in the sector, the internal design team of the company deals with the management of custom solutions for the large bakery and confectionery industry.

Innovative also in customer care with the new remote assistance service to quickly solve any problem!

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