Automatic line for bread production

Complete plant for an hourly production of 1300-2500 pieces / hour of different types of bread such as loaves, loaves, baguette bread and sandwich bread.

The automatic bread production line is the result of all the experience of MFITALY in the design and construction of bread making machines.

The bread production line allows you to make different types of bread with automatic solutions and includes:

  • High performance volumetric divider available in 3 models for weights 100-1400 ; 200-1700 ; 400-2500 grams;
  • Cone rounder for soft dough processing to obtain rolled pieces;
  • Balance prefermentation cell which gives homogeneity to the final product. The rest of the pasta in an air-conditioned environment allows its natural relaxation before forming. Available with 256 or 320 pockets;
  • Four or six cylinder spinning machine to give the pasta the desired shape. Available both with press plate and with opposing belts.

This industrial bread production line has been designed to offer the maximum in terms of comfort, precision and production. This ensures the best of the high quality of the final baked goods.

In this way, the food safety of raw materials and finished products can be guaranteed, because they are processed in the right way.

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Automatic line for bread production

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