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Automatic line for bread production

The automatic line for the production of various sizes/types of bread is the result of all the experience, matured over the years, in the white art field of MFitaly which for years has been committed to the research and development of new production technologies, maintaining unaltered the quality of the finished product untouched.
Our bread lines allow you to make different types of bread, which can change from shape to weight.
The plants can be built in different solutions and sizes, as well as for the required production, and are manufactured in compliance with the strictest safety standards.

The automatic bread production line is developed with the following equipment:
VOLUMETRIC DOUGH MACHINE | Our volumetric divider mod. SVP/N (manual version) or mod. SVP/A (automatic version) are both suitable for dividing doughs for medium/high hydration bread. Its closed-circuit hydraulic operation, with heat exchanger, allows its operation without the use of oil (OIL FREE). This system offers great economic savings as well as higher quality of the finished product. The divider can work both in 1 and 2 ways, depending on the production-working needs.

CONICAL DOUGH ROUNDER | The conical dough rounder is necessary for the first shaping of the product. Whether it is bread, pizza or particular doughs, the ball molding is a essential part that allows the dough to rest properly inside the pre-fermentation cell. Available in different models, the rounder can process medium-thick pieces and, thanks to the optional Teflon-coated cone, even doughs with high percentages of hydration.
PREFERMENTATION CELL | The pre-fermentation cells are available in different versions and capacities and play an essential role in delivering excellent product quality. Our cells, also available with integrated steam producers, are built and customized according to the needs and types of finished product. Equipped with stainless steel racks with pockets (256 or 320 internal useful places) or with, optional request, special non-stick sheets for more particular doughs. This pause, which can be customized according to your production needs, allows the product its natural relaxation before facing the last moulding phase.

LONG LOAF MOULDER | The last phase, but by no means the least important, requires the moulding of the product and that is why we have developed our automatic 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder molding system, for doughs that require a more delicate wrapping-moulding. Ideal for the production of loaves, baguettes and loaf bread, our molding system can be available in the version with press table (standard equipment) or with opposed motorized belt. Our moulding system can be further automated, for those who require a more industrial automation, with the addition of automatic product loading on trays or boards.

Our production plants are designed and built always with the goal to keep the quality of the finished product unaltered, adding great production versatility and maximum safety.
Our plants fall within the parameters of Industry 4.0.
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