Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Pastry
Tasks: Dividers

Automatic dividing line for Panettone and Pandoro EntryLine

The new "EntryLine" automatic dividing line designed for the dividing dough like Panettone, pandoro and also colomba cake.

EntryLine is based on the tested volumetric dough divider SVP/P2 series which, with the combination of the weight control system and the belt dough rounder makes the line suitable for dividing the dough for panettone or pandoro from a minimum of 300 gr to a maximum of 2500 gr. The production speed is easily adjustable thanks to the general control panel.

The line has the following characteristics:
  • Suitable for dividing doughs such as Panettone and Pandoro
  • The line includes the standard combination of the SVP/P2 Volumetric Divider, the weight control system and the ARC-5000 series coppo reel complete with optional FIL* (for the molding of the colomba)
  • Production capacity: from 500 to 1200 pcs/h
  • Weights range: 300-2500 gr
  • Dividing into both 1 and 2 pieces
  • The whole line is equipped with special software with interface on Weintek touch screen panel, where you can customize each parameter to your liking
  • The line has 99 programs that can be fully customized based on your weights, type of product and dough and speed
  • The line is completely customizable according to your needs.
EntryLine is suitable for those who want the highest quality in the dividing phase of large leavened products such as Panettone and Pandoro.
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Catalog 2022-2023 2.47 MB
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