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The tools of modern breadmaking
Mfitaly designs, manufactures and distributes in the world innovative equipment and systems for Bakeries, Pastry Shops and Pizzerias. As a result of our extensive product line - which has become a standard in the field - we are able to provide the right solutions from micro-equipment workshops to large-scale production installations. We have a team of experts dedicated to offering custom solutions to both the bakery industry and pastry makers, while continually pursuing the advancement of new technologies to keep up with market evolution. LEARN MORE


We can offer markets more and more technologically advanced, reliable, and versatile systems for the production of artisan-style bread and industrial bread.


Solutions to meet the ever-changing production requirements and market specific-trends of confectionery and pastry makers all over the globe.


Our mixers, moulders and automated systems for the preparation and forming of pizza and other types of dough enable you to automate and increase your production.


Professional and efficient low-cost solutions

Our baking equipment hard at work around the world.