Sector: Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Mixers

Double spiral mixer Super Plurimixer

The ultimate in mixing technology.
Completely innovative machine, available in Models ranging from 250 – 350 – 500 kg of finished dough.
It is one of the MFITALY’s professional mixers.

Our Plurimixer is suitable for:
  • Reducing mixing time= less use of energy;
  • Reducing production costs;
  • Reducing the number of machines;
  • Reducing personnel;
  • Reducing maintenance costs;
  • Reducing the dough temperature;
  • Using less refrigerated water;
  • Obtaining greater dough homogeneity;
  • Obtaining greater dough oxygenation thanks to the push&pull system of the new double spiral.
This machine is equipped with a computer touch screen with:
  • Constant laser reading of dough temperature;
  • Customization of your recipe thanks to the possibility of choosing the speed of use;
  • Possibility to modify in ten steps every single dough recipe;
  • Possibility to insert between the cycles resting or adding phases;
  • Each recipe can be adjusted with 10 mixing programs;
  • Possibility to program dumping flour and other ingredients during the mixing phase;
  • Water metering device with automatic water draning program with the possibility to pour in several phases the amount of water set.
ModelDough capacity min/max (Kg)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (kW)
PLURIMIXER 2502501500 x 1885 x 1670185015
Dough capacity min/max (Kg)250
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1500 x 1885 x 1670
Weight (Kg)1850
Power (kW)15
Name Dimensión
Data sheet 443.45 KB
Catalog 2022-2023 3.41 MB
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