Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Mixers

Planetary mixer series Industrial

The Industrial series planetary, the largest and most powerful.
They take advantage of high-performance motors and an oil bath gear system to ensure silence, reliability and durability without the need for maintenance. Automatic lifting of the tank with increased stroke for the extraction of the same without the need to remove the tool.
Bowl and tools made of stainless steel. Controls and special electrical system located laterally.

Available in the following versions:
  • Planetary PL | with three-speed motor
  • Planetary PL | With inverter and adjustment potentiometer
  • Planetary PL | Complete with PLC display and recipe book (up to 99 programmable recipes)
  • Planetary PL | Complete with E-Recipt touch screen system for storing recipes and speed.

As standard, our Planetary Series Industrial are equipped with external stainless-steel carters and three tools (spatula, whisk and hook) increased for the high productions.
ModelBowl capacity min/max (Lt)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (kW)
PL 60 VAR60980 x 695 x 14002503
PL 80 VAR801100 x 860 x 17405054.5
PL 120 VAR1201350 x 975 x 20507706
PL 160 VAR1601350 x 975 x 20508006
ModelPL 60 VAR
Bowl capacity min/max (Lt)60
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)980 x 695 x 1400
Weight (Kg)250
Power (kW)3
ModelPL 80 VAR
Bowl capacity min/max (Lt)80
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1100 x 860 x 1740
Weight (Kg)505
Power (kW)4.5
ModelPL 120 VAR
Bowl capacity min/max (Lt)120
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1350 x 975 x 2050
Weight (Kg)770
Power (kW)6
ModelPL 160 VAR
Bowl capacity min/max (Lt)160
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1350 x 975 x 2050
Weight (Kg)800
Power (kW)6
Name Dimensión
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Catalog 2022-2023 2.47 MB
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