Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Mixers

Spiral Dough Mixer series ES PRO

Spiral mixers with removable bowl, all-steel oversized structure for high production, powder-coated in stainless steel grey.
The ES PRO series stands out for the use of the double transmission on a "reverse" spiral, and has been designed for semi-industrial use.

Equipped with three motors:
  • one for the spiral;
  • one for the bowl;
  • one for the hydraulic unit, which is used to lift the head and release the tank.The locking of the withdrawable trolley takes place by means of a hydraulic hook.

The machine is equipped with a double spiral transmission, with reinforcement.
Bowl protection in stainless steel and polyethylene with central hole, head cover in painted steel and electrical box and control panel positioned on the right side of the machine.
The standard equipment is completed by the control panel with 2 timers with automatic passage from 1st to 2nd speed. Spiral speed selector and bowl rotation direction inversion.
The panel is easily adjustable according to your needs.
This type of mixer is suitable for hard doughs with a hydration percentage equal to or greater than 45% with European flour and semi-industrial use, tested with Manitoba flour.

ModelVoltage (V/Hz)Power (kW)Weight (Kg)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Bowl capacity (Kg)
PRO ES 120400/5088701235 x 1770 x 1450120 of dough
PRO ES 160400/501512301325 x 1825 x 1540160 of dough
PRO ES 200400/501512801340 x 1825 x 1540200 of dough
PRO ES 250400/5015.0713201370 x 1930 x 1540250 of dough
PRO ES 300400/501813601415 x 1990 x 1540300 of dough
ModelPRO ES 120
Voltage (V/Hz)400/50
Power (kW)8
Weight (Kg)870
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1235 x 1770 x 1450
Bowl capacity (Kg)120 of dough
ModelPRO ES 160
Voltage (V/Hz)400/50
Power (kW)15
Weight (Kg)1230
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1325 x 1825 x 1540
Bowl capacity (Kg)160 of dough
ModelPRO ES 200
Voltage (V/Hz)400/50
Power (kW)15
Weight (Kg)1280
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1340 x 1825 x 1540
Bowl capacity (Kg)200 of dough
ModelPRO ES 250
Voltage (V/Hz)400/50
Power (kW)15.07
Weight (Kg)1320
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1370 x 1930 x 1540
Bowl capacity (Kg)250 of dough
ModelPRO ES 300
Voltage (V/Hz)400/50
Power (kW)18
Weight (Kg)1360
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1415 x 1990 x 1540
Bowl capacity (Kg)300 of dough
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