Sector: Commercial
Category: Bakery, Pastry, Pizza
Tasks: Dividers

Square dough divider

The square hydraulic divider, available in various models and divisions, is a machine suitable for dividing bread, pastry and even pizza dough.

Here are the main features of the square divider:
  • Oven-painted steel structure;
  • Bowl in AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Hydraulic operation with double seal tank between tank and control unit;
  • Its hydraulic operation, with pressure and break time regulation system, allows to widen even the hardest dough to the maximum;
  • All knives are made of steel, bolted instead of welded, to ensure precision and durability;
  • Food moulds in FDA material, not subject to expansion over time, complete with stainless steel anti-corrosion protection, above the mould holder plate;
  • It is equipped with the steel crumb tray and the button for the knife cleaning cycle.
Automatic version | The divider is equipped with a PLC and a display for adjusting the pressing time. At the end of the cycle the machine turn off automatically for safety and energy saving. Automatic pressing and cutting phases.
Semi-automatic version | The divider is equipped with a Joystick for pressing and cutting the dough. Manual lid opening.
PR-B version | There is the possibility of using the dough divider only as a butter press (without dividing).
ModelDivisions no.Capacity max (Kg)Weight range (gr)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (kW)
PR-Bpressaburro20pressaburro650 x 620 x 11602900.75
SPQ A 202016120 - 650 650 x 620 x 11603150.75
SPQ A 242416115 - 580650 x 620 x 11603200.75
SPQ A 30301690 - 530 650 x 620 x 11603300.75
Divisions no.pressaburro
Capacity max (Kg)20
Weight range (gr)pressaburro
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)650 x 620 x 1160
Weight (Kg)290
Power (kW)0.75
ModelSPQ A 20
Divisions no.20
Capacity max (Kg)16
Weight range (gr)120 - 650
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)650 x 620 x 1160
Weight (Kg)315
Power (kW)0.75
ModelSPQ A 24
Divisions no.24
Capacity max (Kg)16
Weight range (gr)115 - 580
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)650 x 620 x 1160
Weight (Kg)320
Power (kW)0.75
ModelSPQ A 30
Divisions no.30
Capacity max (Kg)16
Weight range (gr)90 - 530
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)650 x 620 x 1160
Weight (Kg)330
Power (kW)0.75
Name Dimensión
Data sheet 339.44 KB
Catalog 2022-2023 3.41 MB
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