Sector: Commercial, Industrial
Category: Bakery, Pizza
Tasks: Dividers

Volumetric dough divider machine SVP

The volumetric divider SVP N – M has a welded and powder coated tubular steel structure.

The volumetric divider SVP works through a closed circuit hydraulic unit, designed to cope with the toughest working conditions. This control unit allows to work without a mechanical lubrification (WITHOUT OIL).

Using the touch screen on the front of the machine, you can adjust and set the machine to your liking. Thanks to the various available settings, the volumetric divider is suitable to medium-high hydration doughs.

The divider has an adjustable belt in height and inclination with the possibility (optional) to place at the output of an automatic flour duster or an oil nebulizer. Customizable hopper according to its capacity (kg of dough) and shape (triangular-rectangular) for the loading of the product. The hopper is equipped with a sensitive ring protection which immediately interrupts the process and does not allow the operator to make changes or open the side hopper (optional EasyClean) while it is in process.
Machine designed for single or double dough dividing. Range of weights that can be customized according to the needs.

In the manual version (SVP-N M) the weight is adjusted by means of a handwheel. In the automatic version (SVP-N A) the weight is adjusted automatically and, thanks to the touch screen 4.0 package, it is possible to store your own personalized recipes according to the type of dough, the pieces produced and the required speeds.

The versions are complete with external stainless-steel carter.
ModelProduction max (pz/h)Single weight range (gr)Double weight range (gr)Dimensions (L/P/H mm)Weight (Kg)Power (kW)
SVP 701500200 - 1400200 - 6401200 x 1650 x 18506003.35
SVP 901500200 - 1700200 - 950 1200 x 1650 x 18506003.35
SVP 1201500400 - 2500250 - 1250 1200 x 1650 x 18506003.35
ModelSVP 70
Production max (pz/h)1500
Single weight range (gr)200 - 1400
Double weight range (gr)200 - 640
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1200 x 1650 x 1850
Weight (Kg)600
Power (kW)3.35
ModelSVP 90
Production max (pz/h)1500
Single weight range (gr)200 - 1700
Double weight range (gr)200 - 950
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1200 x 1650 x 1850
Weight (Kg)600
Power (kW)3.35
ModelSVP 120
Production max (pz/h)1500
Single weight range (gr)400 - 2500
Double weight range (gr)250 - 1250
Dimensions (L/P/H mm)1200 x 1650 x 1850
Weight (Kg)600
Power (kW)3.35
Name Dimensión
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